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ชุดทดสอบแมงกานีส (0.3-10 mg/l)

114768  Manganese Test The test measures bivalent manganese in its dissolved form. The manganese concentration can be measured semiquantitatively by visual comparison of the colour of the measurement solution with the colour fields of the colour disk. Read More »

ชุดทดสอบแมงกานีสในน้ำ (0.0-10.0 mg/L)

HI 38072 Manganese Test Kit for Irrigation Water Product Description: Manganese is not present in natural waters, but it is found in various salts and minerals, frequently associated with iron compounds. Manganese salts are used as fertilizer additives, in ferroalloys (in steel manufacture), in non-ferrous alloys as it improves their corrosion resistance and hardness. Manganese is not considered to be ... Read More »

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