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กระดาษทดสอบคาร์บอเนต ฮาร์ดเนส ( 4-24 °d )

110648  Carbonate Hardness Test The test is suitable for rapid determination of carbonate hardness. Carbonate hardness is part of the total hardness of water and is defined as that portion of alkaline earth ions present in the water for which there exists an equivalent amount of hydrogen carbonate ions and carbonate ions originating from dissolved carbonic acid. Read More »

ชุดทดสอบคาร์บอเนต ฮาร์ดเนส ในน้ำทะเล (1 drop = 0.36 mmol/l)

114653  Carbonate Hardness Test in seawater The Carbonate Hardness Test determines carbonate hardness as a measure of the buffering capacity of water which can also be expressed as acid-binding capacity or total alkalinity. Read More »

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