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ชุดทดสอบแคลเซียม,แมกนีเชียมในน้ำ (>0.0 meq/l)

HI 38081 Calcium and Magnesium Test Kit for Irrigation Water Product Description: Calcium and Magnesium are often present in soil as carbonates (e.g.: dolomite), sulfates (in arid regions) and silicates. They are necessary nutrients for plants since they have an important role in plant metabolism and growth. They can be removed from soil by leaching (for instance in acidic soil ... Read More »

ชุดทดสอบแคลเซียม (2-200 mg/l)

111110  Calcium Test The calcium determination is performed using the Titriplex® III solution, which chelates the calcium ions.  Subsequently the calcium content can be read out of the titrating pipette. Read More »

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