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ชุดทดสอบซัลไฟด์ (0.1-5 mg/l)

114777  Sulfide Test The test can be used for the determination of sulfide e.g. in groundwater and surface water, drinking water and industrial water. The sulfide concentration can be measured semiquantitatively by visual comparison of the colour of the measurement solution with the colour fields of the colour disk. Read More »

กระดาษทดสอบ Sulphur dioxide, sulphite ions (Sulphite test paper)

Sulphite test paper Quick and easy determination of sulphite The test paper allows the quick and easy detection of sulphite and sulfur dioxide. In food analyzing laboratories it is used to detect sulphite in meat products. In medical diagnostic it is used as a quick test on sulphite oxidase deficiency. Read More »

กระดาษทดสอบ Sulphide (Sulphide test paper)

Sulphide test paper Quick and easy determination of hydrogen sulphide The test paper allows the easy and reliable detection of hydrogen sulphide. This gas occurs in the processing of raw oil. It is toxic even in low concentrations. Read More »

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