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ชุดทดสอบซิลิเกต – ซิลิสิค แอซิด (0.01-0.25 mg/l )( 0.02-0.53 mg/l )


114410  Silicate (Silicic Acid) Test The test can be used for the determination of silicate in e.g. groundwater and surface water, drinking water and industrial water. The silicate concentration can be measured semiquantitatively by visual comparison of the colour of the measurement solution with the colour fields of the colour card. Read More »

กระดาษทดสอบ Peroxidase

กระดาษทดสอบ Peroxidase

117828  Peroxidase Test With the qualitative MQuant? Peroxidase Test, the enzyme can now be detected easily, fast and cost-effectively by using test strips. Quantitative testing like the Reflectoquant Test is not any longer required. Read More »

ชุดทดสอบแมกนีเซียมในน้ำ(0.0-240.0 mg/L) (0.0-725.0 mg/L)

HI 38079 Magnesium Test Kit for Irrigation Water

HI 38079 Magnesium Test Kit for Irrigation Water Product Description: By using the HI 38079 HANNA test kit, it is possible to differentiate between calcium and magnesium, since the kit determines only the magnesium ions. The HANNA test kit determines magnesium in irrigation water via a titrimetric method. Calcium, if present, is removed by prior filtration. Then the indicator chelates ... Read More »

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