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อุปกรณ์กรอง Syringe Filter CHROMAFIL GF/PET

อุปกรณ์กรอง Syringe Filter CHROMAFIL

Polyester syringe filters with glass fiber prefilters


Combi syringe filters with a coarse glass fiber prefilter and a small-pore membrane as main filter    
User benefits:

For solutions with a high load of particulate matter: lower back pressure, easy filtration
For high yields of filtrate: more mL of pure filtrate per filter
The technology:
The glass fiber membrane (1.0 µm) removes coarse particles, before they can block the fine main membrane. This results in a better filtration efficiency, especially for highly contaminated samples
  Housing: Solvent-resistant, ultra low bleed polypropylene
  Entry: Luer lock
  Exit: Luer
  Pore diameter: 1.0 / 0.20 µm or 1.0 / 0.45 µm
  Filter diameter: 25 mm
  Void volume: < 80 µL
  Packing unit: 100 filters / BIG-BOX with 400 filters
Hydrophilic multipurpose membrane
For polar and nonpolar solutions
the HPLC filter with glass fiber prefilter, especially suited for eluent mixtures of water and organic solvents
Recommended for solutions with a high load of particulate matter or for highly viscous solutions

Ordering information
Color-coded polyester – glass fiber combi filters
Type Pore size Membrane Color code Standard pack BIG-BOX
  [µm] dia. [mm] top bottom Filters/pack REF Filters/pack REF
GF/PET-20/25 1.0/0.20 25 blue orange 100 729032 400 729032.400
GF/PET-45/25 1.0/0.45 25 black orange 100 729033 400 729033.400

CHROMAFIL® filter membranes

Chemical compatibility of filter materials  
The following table lists the chemical compatibility of our CHROMAFIL® materials. The chemical compatibility depends on several parameters such as time, pressure, temperature and concentration. In most cases, CHROMAFIL® filters will have only short contact with a solvent.   In these cases they may be used despite of limited compatibility.
For example, a PTFE filter with PP housing does not liberate any UV-detectable substances during filtration of 5 mL THF, although PP shows only limited resistance towards THF.


Solvent Material
Acetaldehyde o   o
Acetic acid, 100 %
Ammonia, 25 % o o
Benzene o   o
n-Butanol o
Cyclohexane o
Diethyl ether o o o
Dimethylformamide o
1,4-Dioxane o o
Ethyl acetate o
Ethylene glycol o o
Formic acid, 100 % o o
Hydrochloric acid, 30 %
Nitric acid, 65 % o o o   o
Oxalic acid, 10 % aqueous  
Petroleum ether  

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